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Pricing terms

Price tiers
  • We have a free tier to test Letterbox
  • Then paid membership tiers with increased message volumes and more features
Price plan tier Price per month Message volume Intended use
Monthly Annually
Free tier Free Free 5 per week Ideal for testing Letterbox
Starter tier $3 $2.50 10 per week Personal blogs and less busy sites
Standard tier $7.50 $6 25 per week Several minor sites
Pro tier $15 $12 15 per day More popular sites
Business tier $95 $75 50 per day Commercial sites
Enterprise $500+ $395+ 500+ per day Busy customer facing sites

Some restrictions apply

Short term testing only

Not yet available

Contact us for details of higher volumes

Charity & open source discounts
  • For registered charities we offer significant discounts
  • For certain open source projects we may also offer a discount
  • Contact us for details
Limits explained
  • Volume limits are not hard limits
  • The volume limits on the lower tiers have a low tolerance
  • We will contact you if you exceed to your limit regularly
  • Exceeding the limit substantially or consistently may result in temporary suspension of your account
Pricing changes
  • Prices and terms subject to change, at any time.
  • 6 months notice of any price and term changes for existing customers.

Tier details

Free tier

Ideal for trial and minor temporary personal use

Only intended for testing Letterbox, and not for long term use

  • Price per month: Free
  • Message volume allowance: 5 messages per week
  • Max 2 contact forms
  • Max 1 recipient
  • No custom hosted form URI
  • No message archives
  • API keys have a short exipiry
  • API keys do not automatically renew/extend
  • Limited spam mitigation
  • Further restrictions apply
  • Support possible
Starter tier

Quiet websites and personal blogs

  • Price per month: From $2.50
  • Message volume allowance: 10 messages per week, 45 per month
  • Max 4 contact forms
  • Max 2 recipients
  • Everything the Free tier has, as well as:
  • API keys has a longer exipiry
  • API keys automatically renew/extend
  • Some restrictions still apply
  • Support available
Standard tier

Several minor sites with some messages

  • Price per month: From $6
  • Message volume allowance: 25 messages per week, 100 per month
  • Max 10 contact forms
  • Max 5 recipients
  • Everything Starter tier has, as well as:
  • No restrictions
  • Spam mitigation
  • Support guaranteed
Pro tier

Suitable for more popular sites, minor business sites

  • Price per month: From $12
  • Message volume allowance: 10 messages per day, 70 per week
  • Max 50 contact forms
  • Max 20 recipients
  • Everything Standard tier has, as well as:
  • Custom hosted form URI
  • Message archives
  • API access
Business tier

Commercial sites with normal message volumes

  • Price per month: From $75
  • Message volume allowance: 50 messages per day, 350 per week
  • Max 250 contact forms
  • Max 100 recipients
  • Everything Pro tier has, as well as:
  • Additional form fields
  • Message templating
  • Message analytics
  • Enhanced API access
  • Quick support response
  • Detailed SLAs
Enterprise tier

Busy customer facing sites with high message volumes

Custom limits and features to suit your needs

  • Price per month: Starting from $395
  • Message volume allowance: From 500+ messages per day
  • Unlimited contact forms and recipients
  • Everything Business tier has, as well as:
  • Custom domain
  • Custom sender address
  • Customisable spam mitigation
  • Complete API access
  • Direct contact support
  • Enhanced SLAs

Contact for more details ⇨

Not available at the moment. Coming soon.