contact form as a service


What is Letterbox
  • Contact for as a service
  • Allows visitors to send messages to you via your website
  • Inline web page form or
  • API for your backend services
Why use Letterbox
  • No need to configure email servers
  • No need to maintain email servers
  • No need to know how email sender providers work
  • No need to worry about spam mitigation
  • No need to worry about email server security
Price plan Price per month Message volume Intended use
Free tier $0 10 per month Ideal for personal and trial use
Starter tier $5 10 per week Less busy sites
Business tier $30 10 per day Commercial sites
Enterprise $250 100 per day Busy customer facing sites

Free before v1 release

Not available until after v1 release

  • Current status: αlpha. Unstable. Incomplete.
  • More details to come
People and companies behind Letterbox
License & 3rd parties
  • Proprietary. Copyright of Eray by Flurdy
  • 3rd party tools licenses: Not available yet
Terms & conditions
  • Not available yet
Privacy policy
  • Not available yet
  • Not available yet