hosting your contact form


What is Letterbox
  • Contact form as a service
  • Allows visitors to send messages to you from your website
Letterbox & Ltrbx
  • Letterbox is also known as Ltrbx
  • A letterbox is a hole in your door for receiving mail
  • Sometimes it is a hole in the wall, or a box outside
  • A letterbox may also be known as a mailbox or postbox
Why use Letterbox
  • No need to configure email servers
  • No need to maintain email servers
  • No need to know how email sender providers work
  • No need to worry about spam mitigation
  • No need to worry about email server security
How to use Letterbox
  • Hosted web page form
  • Inline web page form
  • Inline javascript form
  • API for your backend services

Not currently available. See roadmap for details

People and companies behind Letterbox
License & 3rd parties
  • Proprietary. Copyright of Eray by Flurdy
  • 3rd party tools licenses: Not available yet
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